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We exceed the standards of AACE. One client alone has documented over $50M in savings due to our Target Pricing efforts. We established estimating programs for several clients that include Target Pricing, Change Control, Blind Estimates, Regulatory Approval Estimates, Project Planning Estimates, 30/60/90/IFB Estimates. We can also provide Hard Bid and EPC Design/Construction Estimates. CEPC has extensive experience in working with client’s internal accounting systems to integrate client costs with program and project costs. We have a comprehensive data base of the latest labor costs, production rates, permitting/environmental cost, site specific challenges and equipment costs specific to the different working regions.

CEPC’s Estimating Division is recognized as the best in the business.

Independent estimates that support cost recovery are one of our specializations. We have set up internal estimating Divisions for clients and helped hire and train staff.

It takes an understanding of the industry standards and expectations the CEPC has to establish Capital Improvement Plans and Annual Budgeting. For clients. It is critical that these be accurate and realistic and we hit the mark every time.

We estimate gas pipeline transmission/distribution and station projects, water/wastewater projects and all types of electrical and I&C projects. This includes all the ancillary facilities such as structures, foundations, grading, tunneling and pipeline boring projects. Our clients are typically, Utility Agencies, Engineering Firms and Construction Contractors as well as our own internal projects.