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Water Services

We typically will help clients plan and execute their capital improvement programs. We have a long history in integrity management, understand all the latest and changing regulatory requirements, and the latest technologies used for this type of assessments. We inspect internally, externally, perform digs, use smart pigs, cameras, physical entry and other techniques depending on the pipe material, size and operational considerations. We have the best computer simulation software for these services. CEPC also has a subsidiary company that designs and manufactures the best in class ILI equipment thereby being very cost efficient.

CEPC’s Water Division specializes in pipeline and station condition assessments, inspections and repair.

In addition, we provide full service pipeline design for new or replacement piping. Another are of specialization is Station designs. This includes the mechanical engineering, the electrical engineering and the Instrumentation and Control engineering.

We are one of the only MBE companies that perform turnkey design/build or EPC services.